Securitization of all digital assets.

The crypto asset industry set out to challenge the traditional finance sector. Talent, ideas, and capital flocked to digital assets but for many investors, access remained a challenge.

Seed capital was earmarked for these new opportunities but the majority of funds remains trapped in the old system. Banks, institutional investors, and wealthy individuals are missing out.

We are the bridge between these two worlds.

We make any ICO, token, crypto asset and portfolio investable, fully bankable and fungible in a Swiss Security (Swiss ISIN).

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Blockbusters as an asset

Read an English version of a GENTWO guest article, published in the “Finanz und Wirtschaft” special edition “Institutionelles Anlegen”.

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Partnering with GENTWO – a Hollywood film producer’s perspective

Barry Films have partnered with GENTWO to give investors access to a unique film investment strategy. “GENTWO’s professionalism has made it very easy for us to construct the product”, says Barry Film’s co-founder.

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New Pragmatism with Uncorrelated Assets

Alternative assets are hot topics in the investment sector - not only because they represent new return opportunities. More relevantly in today’s market environment, they can also create “distance” from the highly sensitive markets.

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Partnering with GENTWO: A Swiss asset manager’s perspective

Clarus Capital values our partnership. It gives them flexibility and efficiency to implement turn-key solutions for non-traditional assets within their portfolio management.

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Securitizing all digital assets
Make it Bankable
Swiss Security (Swiss ISIN)
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GENTWO Financial Products

Securitization of All Assets
Your tailor-made issuance solution for financial products (Swiss ISIN)

We are the creators of a new generation of financial products and serve our clients with the ability to securitize bankable and non-bankable assets with a Swiss ISIN and no bank risk (off-balance sheet) at a minimal price.

Fast. Modular. Swiss-Compliant.

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Your tailor-made issuance solution for crypto products (Swiss ISIN).
Securitization of All Digital Assets

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