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GENTWO Digital pioneered the concept of crypto securitization, where an individual off-balance sheet, issuance vehicle is established to hold digital assets and to issue conventional securities (Certificate/Note) with a Swiss ISIN to investors. This allows especially institutional investors to easily book crypto on their balance sheets via their normal stock broker. Therefore, they can conduct traditional audits and to use their traditional banking infrastructure - just like for all other of their investments.


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Roger Darin

With an international background in investment banking and foreign exchange, Roger got curious about Bitcoin around 2011 but didn’t teach courses on cryptocurrencies and the blockchain until 2015. Once more publicly involved, it didn’t take long until he was an active member of the Bitcoin Association Switzerland and co-founded the Fintech chapter of SICTIC, an established business angel organisation in Switzerland. Fascinated by the intersection of finance and technology, he worked as a Product Manager at a Fintech company before accepting a position at inacta AG to support the firm’s efforts to build a comprehensive ecosystem and move clients into the blockchain age.

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Philipp Sprenger

Philipp Sprenger has international investment banking, trading and brokerage experience of over 25 years, with the main emphasis on equities and derivative products. After working for UBS on the sell-side for 14 years, he was responsible for the Swiss derivatives market at Tradition SA in London and Zurich, facilitating the biggest derivatives flows within Europe for eight years. Afterwards, as a portfolio manager of an Actively Managed Certificate (AMC), he could prove his sophisticated financial market knowledge in a solid outperformance. Before joining GENTWO, Philipp supported AFS Equity & Derivatives to strengthen their market share in Switzerland.

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Patrick Loepfe

Patrick Loepfe is a structured product and banking specialist, with more than 15 years of working experience in investment banking. His extraordinary mathematical and technological skills led him to be a key figure in Switzerland's fin-tech industry. Patrick was the mastermind and driving force behind Vontobel’s Deritrade - a disruptive business model for distributing structured products. He founded his own company, d-struct AG, in 2016 and became a leading independent advisor to banks and financial product issuers on electronic structured products distribution strategy and process optimisation.

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Georgette Vun

Georgette Vun is an Australian-qualified lawyer with more than 17 years experience in banking and finance. After working in an investment bank in London for 3.5 years she moved to Zurich starting at Man Investments. Having worked in Legal and Structuring teams at Credit Suisse and UBS as well as heading Legal & Compliance at Investec Private Bank, she gained extensive experience implementing and executing solutions with different products across different jurisdictions. She is known for her proactive and innovative approach to problem-solving and unrelenting focus on client-service.

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Marco Bumbacher

Marco Bumbacher is an entrepreneur and executive with broad expertise in software engineering and building up companies in various industries. He is an expert in managing large-scale IT and real estate management projects. Marco developed Lakeside Business Center and Lakeside Crypto Lab, laying the foundation of today’s Crypto Valley Labs. He is Founder and Managing Partner of inacta, a leading Swiss digital transformation consulting company with a focus on the insurance and finance industry. inacta’s Swiss-based software engineering team has a strong experience in developing smart contracts and providing Blockchain CTO services. Beside that he is also Founder and chairman of CV VC, a next generation investment company, where cutting-edge blockchain technology meets traditional venture capital.

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Sandra Chattopadhyay

Sandra Chattopadhyay is a marketing and communications specialist with nearly 15 years of experience in investment banking. In the course of her international activities with four investment banks, she has been involved in all market phases of the structured investment products segment. Sandra, who holds a Master of Business Administration, has specialized in acting as a valuable link between product management and distribution. As a former editor-in-chief of investment magazines and digital promoter, she has developed relevant content on various investment topics. Sandra has mastered how to enhance customer experiences and thus creates added value in a segment of financial products that is considered complex.

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Mario Casty

Mario Casty started his career in an early bird ICT Company in Zurich, developing the first generation of electronic banking, where he established the customer service center. In 1997 he was hired to join the KeyLink client services team of Swiss Bank Corp. (now UBS). First, he ran with his team the EMEA region out of Zurich and London and then in 2004 moved to Singapore to build the APAC business. Mario was key in establishing the UBS B4B Securities desk and processing platform connecting to over 70 execution venues around the world. Since 2010, he’s been the link to Swiss companies adding his Asian experience to develop businesses in APAC and MENA in the space of Professional Services, Digital Banking, Core banking systems, Trading, and Portfolio Management Solutions.

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Dionys Borter

Dionys Borter started his career as an independent consultant in 2001. Since the beginning of his working practice, he focused on the entrepreneurial needs of Startups (business plan support, financial setup). In addition to it, he participated in and was leading different smaller companies of the IT, New Media and engineering sector. He is specialized in providing Interims and Startup CFO services and implements Financial Change Management, focused on software and workflow evaluation and development. His current company, Borter GmbH offers administration and fiduciary services to its clients as well as to GenTwo AG

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Ramiza Naegeli

Ramiza Naegeli is a product manager and garment engineering specialist with more than 10 years of working experience. Before she joined GenTwo she was working as head of the product & design management team for a Swiss sports clothing brand. During this time and the intercultural business trips mainly to Hong Kong, China and Taiwan, she was acquiring the skills in project and strategic management and specialized her knowledge in team leadership and conflict management.

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Till Rahn

Till Rahn is a structured product specialist with an entrepreneurial spirit. His career of 9 years spans time as a derivatives structurer in the Swiss structured products market for Clariden Leu/Credit Suisse, as well as entrepreneurial projects in the consumer internet space. He holds a Bachelor in Economics and a Master in Quantitative Economics and Finance from the University of St. Gallen. He has technical expertise in web development with an interest in cryptocurrencies and deep learning technologies, and has broad international experience.

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Uroš Škorc

Uroš Škorc is a senior software engineer with over 15 years of experience at small and large international companies across different domains. Before joining GenTwo, he was a technical owner of the Deritrade platform and the leader of Vontobel's Web Applications team in the financial engineering division. Prior to joining Vontobel, he was acquiring his skills at the world's largest online sports betting provider bwin.com in Vienna among others.

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Gamze Palaz

After her apprenticeship at the cantonal administration, Gamze Palaz studied General Business Management in the USA. Right after that she started working for Credit Suisse AG in Zurich and in 2015 switched to Helvetische Bank. Over the past 10 years throughout her professional career she gathered vast experience in Structured Products while supporting the banks trading and sales teams.

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Philippe A. Naegeli

Philippe A. Naegeli is a highly accomplished business leader and investor with a fierce entrepreneurial spirit and unparalleled experience in trading, investment & merchant banking, corporate governance and structuring of new strategies and products. Peppered throughout his career are strong leadership enterprises, including Forstmann & Co. U.S.A., an international network of financial institutions and investments funds which he established across Europe, a strategic consulting company in Switzerland and an original foundry for U.S. and Swiss entrepreneurs with offices in New York, L.A. and Zurich.

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Lydia Nadal Masson

Lydia Nadal is a structured product specialist with a career spanning 13 years in investment banking. She started as an Equity Derivatives structurer in HSBC Paris and shortly after was transferred to Hong Kong where she stayed for more than 10 years. Lydia knows the Swiss structured product market well from her early years in Paris. During her long career in Hong Kong, she built strong expertise of structured products by being exposed to the different specificities of Asian markets.

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Toni Barros

José Antonio (Toni) Barros has been working with Structured Products cross assets for over 16 years. He started his career at Salomon Brothers that after a few mergers became Citigroup. During this time he has been selling from flow Derivative Products to complex Structured Products. He has also been working as a Financial Engineer at Vontobel and Financial Advisor for External Asset Managers at Credit Suisse. He has a long a profound Financial Products knowledge with traditional and also alternative investments (CAIA).

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Nadia Hochstrasser

Nadia Hochstrasser completed her Swiss Federal Professional Baccalaureate in Zurich. She started her professional career with a wealth management firm Aspermont Capital AG followed by the Kuoni Rechtsanwälte law firm. In 2015 she supported the active advisory team in the German private bank Berenberg (Schweiz) AG, now known as Bergos Berenberg. Before joining GENTWO in September 2018, she worked three years for a renowned Zurich family office.

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Hristina Tsaneva

Hristina Tsaneva is a PhD candidate in law at the University of Zurich, Switzerland focusing on international arbitration of financial transactions. At the University of Zurich she completed also her LL.M. in international banking and finance law. She obtained a master in law from the University of Sofia, Bulgaria and Ghent University, Belgium. Hristina worked at the corporate legal department of Zurich Insurance and accomplished internships at the Zurich law firm Schellenberg Wittmer and the Vienna branch of UniCredit Leasing.

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Ralf Glabischnig

Once described as the “puppet master of Crypto Valley” by popular Swiss financial blog finews, Ralf is indeed an essential figure in Switzerland’s growing Crypto Valley. This became evident most recently when he co-founded CV|VC, a venture capital firm looking to invest a sizeable amount in blockchain startups. Naturally, the blockchain space is not the first field Ralf is reinventing. As a co-founder and Managing Partner of inacta AG, he’s moved countless firms in finance and the insurance industry into the digital age, leveraging his experience and vast network from more than 20 years in the IT and consulting industry. Ralf is also behind household names and events such as co-working space CV Labs, the bi-annually landmark conference CV Summit and the CV Competition, the first competition of its kind boasting a prize of U$100’000 with no strings attached.

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Lucas A. Ereth

Having worked in California’s tech hubs over the past 7 years Lucas has gained vast experience in the areas of digital media, venture capital and the banking sector. Before coming to Switzerland and working with GENTWO Digital AG, he managed and co-founded several startup companies out of Los Angeles’ “Silicon Beach”. He is a managing member of Forstmann & Company, where he worked directly with U.S. hedge fund pioneer J. Anthony Forstmann on various projects such as HCCT Inc. (Hard Cyber Currency Trust) and P3, a cyber currency.

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