Case Study - 23.07.2018

CRYPTO PORTFOLIO - Active Managed Certificate (AMC)

GenTwo offers the most flexible, inexpensive & simple solution for securitization of crypto investment strategies.

No bank or issuer currently offers active managed certificates (AMCs) on digital assets (currencies, coins) for asset managers to use in implementing their investment strategies. We did so for a client of ours who was looking for an extremely flexible solution for the implementation of his view on crypto investments. Therefore, he decided on the GenTwo issuance setup, which is independent of any bank. It helps the client grow his business and scale his asset strategies in the future and set up accounts at the crypto storage of his choice.

Within one week we had packaged his strategy into a tailored, actively managed certificate (AMC) with a Swiss ISIN. We did that for a low yearly administration fee, in other words, at a fraction of the cost for a similar fund and in short setup time.

“GenTwo made it possible to build up and manage asset inflows within days,” the client states.

The storage provider and broker selected by the client permitted the setup of the best solution for his specific application. Overall, the GenTwo solution was impressive with its maximum flexibility, considerable cost savings, and, last but not least, the elimination of complicated and time-consuming structures.

AMC Crypto Portfolio Case Study

Patrick, what were the challenges with this project?
Patrick: “Securitizing digital assets is certainly revolutionary, in general extremely complex, and extremely futuristic. Since we could not rely on any reference cases, we had to develop everything from scratch. Fortunately, we could rely on our flexible platform and set up the issuance vehicle quick and easy.”

What is so revolutionary about this case?
Patrick: “With this remarkable case, we created a completely new offering for the asset manager. Allowing asset managers to build simple and flexible active managed certificates (AMC) for digital assets with a Swiss ISIN, and at unprecedented low costs of 20 bps, just has not been done before. Fund setups, especially in the crypto asset space, take a very long time to build and are expensive, to say the least .”

“For our client, we create a unique offering and product to invest and perform in the field of a crypto asset manager ."

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